Accesible Font is the typeface for autism and learning disabilities

Accessible font developed to ensure easily learn to read and reading without misreadings for individuals with autism and learning disability.

A typeface for teaching strategies of autistic individuals, and learning disabilities based on the Latin script.


Accessible Font is a typeface that occurred with the results of the research project. This study conducted at the University of Esad.Cr. It was investigated the reading difficulties of individuals with autism based on learning difficulties. Design and research process of the project took three years. Accessible font was developed to use in the reading education of individuals with autism and learning disabilities. Accessible font is based on the opinions of special education teachers, legibility research and interviews. Accessible Font has a legible and multilanguage structure with 5 versions eight sets six weight. It has customisation support, so teachers can use different fonts according to the variable learning to read difficulties on individuals. In this way, teachers can make effective teaching according to individuals problem in reading education.


The research consists from a literature review on autism, interview with special education teachers (Turkey) and survey study (Turkey, England, USA). In the study, it was seen that reading problems of individuals with autism don't characterize with autistic symptomology nor dyslexia. It was concluded their reading profile is delayed impairment reading profile and it may due to learning disabilities. For this reason, the font family was developed not only for individuals with autism but also for individuals who have difficulty in learning to read. Accessible fon was developed with various versions and sets to meet different individuals needs in learning to read.


The design process is based on the opinions of special education teachers, reading errors and readability research. as a result of the design process, Accessible font came up with five versions, eight sets and six weights(v.1, v.5). In this context, the typeface design allows the teachers to change the font design according to the mistakes made by the student in reading education and their needs in learning to letter or words. version 1 and version 5 are prepared for long texts as legible structure. Version 2, 3 and 4 are designed to reduce students' reading errors and help to learn phonics. Accessible font design is unique no font has been prepared before according to these features and the ways. The version 2, 3 and 4 has been prepared by going beyond the conventional type design. In order to achieve this, the most common letterforms pairs that cause misreadings were identified by research, and new features (serif or stimuli) were added or redesign again to reduce to similarities between similar letterforms (as an example b-d, p-q-g, n-m, I-l-i,). The serifs that applied on the letterforms have placed to different directions than each other in order to identify letterforms structure easily. Each version has uniqe features please check the version features to understand the differences in the design process.

General Features


Version 1 (v.1)

Regular v.1 developed for long body text the structure of the typeface developed to be legible. Regular v.1 show the general structure of the accessible font. See more...

Regular v.2

The Regular v.2 font was designed especially for individuals who have difficulties in distinguishing letterforms between basic Latin and extended characters. See more...

Version 3 (v.3)

Regular v.3 was designed specifically for individuals who have difficulty in distinguishing similar letterforms. See more...

Version 4 (v.4)

Regular v.4 has similar features with regular v.3. But it was applied more differences between similar letterforms compare to Regular v.3. See more...

Version 5 (v.5)

Regular v.5 developed for long body text it has same structure like v.1, but v.5 has serif features that make the v.5 a hybrid font. See more...

Bold, Light

Regular v.1 has light and bold weights features. See more...